Rancho Primavera

A Bird-watcher’s Paradise in the tourist-friendly Central Pacific Coast of Mexico just south of Puerto Vallarta


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Rancho Primavera is a quiet retreat just 1 hour south of Puerto Vallarta, but feels world’s away from the city life. Here, you’ll be treated like family by the owners -mother and daughter team, Pat and Bonnie – who are full time residents of the ranch and enjoy entertaining and cooking for their guests. They are bilingual Americans who’ve lived in Mexico for decades and who’ve raised their children here.


Mango trees in bloom

In 1996, Owners Pat and Bonnie purchased this former mango and cattle ranch and proceeded to heal its overgrazed lands by planting over 5000 native trees on the 200 acres and were quickly rewarded by a return of the native birds and wildlife. Nowadays, it’s a top destination for bird-watching groups and nature lovers.

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Rancho Primavera is located on the central coast of Pacific Mexico, just 1 hour south of Puerto Vallarta, and 3 km from the small and charismatic Mexican town of El Tuito, which is at the center of the large peninsula known as Cabo Corrientes.

Non-stop flights are available from most major U.S. airports while one-stop connections are available from most major European cities. Rental cars are easily available and the mostly 2-lane roads are in good condition. Taxis, Ubers and busses are also available and we can arrange to pick you up in the village of El Tuito.

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We offer a choice of three different rental houses.

Adobe, Villa Carpintero and Casa Colibri.

Children and pets welcome!


estudio and maguays
We have three adjacent rental homes which overlook our pond where you can sit outside and watch the wildlife or take the rowboat or paddle boards out for a spin on the water.

Adobe Home has one bedroom with a king size bed, one full and one half bath, a fully equipped kitchen and a laundry room. The living room has two sofas which can also be used for sleeping.

Villa Carpintero Home has one bedroom with two full beds, two full baths, a fully equipped kitchen and the breakfast room that with its two extra-wide benches can be used as a sleeping area. The living room also has two sofas which can also be used for sleeping.

Casa Colibri is a smaller house with a queen-size bed, one full bath, a small kitchen and a wonderful porch for dining and bird-watching. It has a nice terrace for sun-bathing.




Here at Rancho Primavera, there are many activities to entertain you including:

  • Relax at our bird feeders where up to 70 species can be seen including hummingbirds and parrots
  • Hike our trails through meadows and forest.
  • Enjoy our pond where you can take a row boat out or try our paddle board

You may want to explore the many activities available within the state of Jalisco:

    * Visit Galería Coppelia in El Tuito for some local art.

  • Explore the local villages and their regional cuisines
  • Wander the acclaimed Vallarta Botanical Gardens
  • Swimming / Snorkling / Scuba diving / Surfing on the coast at Tehuamixtle, Maito, Chimo, Las Playitas beach areas
  • Sample raicilla, the local tequila, at a distillery
  • Ride a zip line through the forest canopy
  • Get a taste of city culture in Puerto Vallarta

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Rancho Primavera is a bird-watcher’s paradise, with its restored woodlands, meadows, creeks and riparian areas supporting over 265 species of birds, including parrots, trogans, cuckoos and 16 types of hummingbirds! Birding tour groups regularly visit and cherish Rancho Primavera for its birdlife and solitude.

Over 300 species of birds can be found in this region of Mexico including over 19 regional endemics such as the Citreoline Trogan, Orange-breasted Bunting, Lilac-crowned Parrot and the Mexican Woodnymph.

Venturing farther afield, you can explore the greater Jalisco region which supports a wide array of birds in its many habitats including mountainous pine and oak forests, tropical deciduous dry forests, coastal thorn scrub, beaches, islands and mangrove estuaries.

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Orange-breasted Bunting

Yellow grosbeak 


November through March are the best months to visit when the days are warm and sunny and migrating birds are here. April and May are hot and dry; this is the breeding season for resident birds like the sought-after and easily viewed Trogan and Mot-mot.  June through October can be hot, humid and rainy with only resident birds seen.


“A Hidden Gem”

“A Most Welcome Retreat”

“Recipe for Amazing”

“A Slice Of Paradise”

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22 Responses to HOME

  1. Julie Hall says:

    Greetings. I’m looking to explore the El Tuito area next October/November. I love nature and wildlife, and your place looks lovely. What would you charge a single woman for 3 to 5 days?

    • cataj says:

      Hi Julie, Welcome to Rancho Primavera! For any number of guests under 6, the only option is a house. I would recommend for you Casa Colibri, which is the smallest house, but has a fully equipped kitchen for you to prepare your own meals. It is priced at $60 USD per night. Please let me know if you have any other questions, Bonnie

  2. Julie Hall says:

    Greetings. I’m looking to explore the El Tuito area next October/November. I love nature and wildlife, and your place looks lovely. What would you charge a single woman for 3 to 5 days?

  3. Michelle Dent says:

    Hello, I’m a avian ecologist vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and was to do some birding. I understand you have a wonderful place for that activity even though it is the off season. I know it’s short notice but do you have any availability for my husband and I for 1-2 nights between sept. 28 and Oct. 3? If so how much would it be for the smallest house or the house with the king?

    • cataj says:

      Hi Michelle, yes, the small house, Casa Colibri is available Oct 1 till the 4th. The Adobe house with the king is completely available, but I am traveling and will not be back until Oct 1 and the water filter needs a new UV light in that house. If you can come starting Oct 1 it is better so I can be there to put food out on feeders. Hope you can make it, Bonnie

    • cataj says:

      Sorry, did not answer your question about price. The small house has an off season cost of $800 pesos, the Adobe house costs $1200 pesos in low season.

  4. Michelle Dent says:

    Or if there is no availability would it be possible to gain access to your property to view the local birds? Thanks.

    • cataj says:

      Yes, if you choose not to stay you are welcome to come onto the property and bird all you want. There is no fee, just a donation box for those who wish to help with our conservation efforts.

      • Michelle Dent says:

        Sounds good, you can sign us for Tues night and possibly Wed night if I feel I need to stay longer to get more birding in. We plan to arrive early morning on Tues.

  5. cataj says:

    Wonderful! Casa Colibri has been reserved for you for Oct. 2 and possibly Oct 3. I am very much looking forward to meeting you, Bonnie

  6. cataj says:

    I forgot to mention that I am unable to take credit cards. Please plan on paying cash, thanks!

  7. Barry Bender says:

    Any availability Jan 28 to 31? 2 people?

  8. Judie Gumm says:

    Dear Bonnie, my friends and I stayed with you about 5yrs ago. We were a group of gals from Alaska participating in the bird watching festival from Porta Varata. I just heard about the passing of your dear mother Pat and wanted to convey my condolences. She will always remain in my memory as a charming and ‘with it’ lady with a great smile and an obvious love of place. Best, Judie Gumm (Fairbanks, Alaska)

    • cataj says:

      Thank you so much Judie for reaching out,. I am still having a hard time adjusting, but time will help. Please come and visit us again, Bonnie

  9. Andree Desjardins says:

    Hi Bonnie, I must cancel my reservation for March 12 to 26, 2020 at Villa Carpintero, because of medical problems.
    Thank you,

    • cataj says:

      So sorry to hear that you are having medical problems Andree. I truly hope that it is nothing serious and that you will be well again soon. Thank you for notifying me about the cancellation. Hopefully we will see you the following year. My best wishes, Bonnie

  10. Joseph McGill says:

    Me and my brother are looking to come for a day trip Tuesday March 3,2020. Are you available to host us and what is the expense for a day trip? I’ve been to the ranch before and met Bonnie a few years back while picking up a day guest with Alejandro a bird guide. I didn’t have nearly enough time there and have been looking forward to coming back. Thanks Joe

    • cataj says:

      Hi Joe, Day birders are welcome to visit the ranch. There is no entrance fee, but we do have a donation box for those that wish to help with our conservation efforts. On Tuesday I might need to make a trip to Vallarta, but I will not leave until around noon, so I should see you when you arrive. Do you have an approximate arrival time? You can reach me by email. bonniejauregui@gmail.com or my cellphone 322-172-4841.

  11. Marcel Paradis says:

    Holà es que la habitatione es libre magniana 16 de o tobre?
    Et cuanto cuesta. Mucho gracias

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